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|| OH MY JAWS ||

....my husband tells me you're in sharks....

It's JAWStastic - A fan community that bites back
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Do you remember the first time that you saw Jaws?

Do you remember the fear of going to the beach after seeing it?

Is there a little part of you that cried at the end?

Do you love this movie even after all these years and several sequels?

Join this community and discuss/adore this JAWStastick movie with other fans!

Everyone and everything is welcome here. From your first memory of the movie to your latest batch of icons. If you have writing a fic in this movie verse, we would be thrilled to have it.

There are only a few rules to follow;

||1. Play nice or you'll go into the water.

||2. Slash is allowed if there is any in this movie. So no flames or nasty comments

||3. Be considerate when posting graphics
- if you have more than 3 icons, post them under a LJ-cut. The same goes for large wallpapers, headers etc.

||4. No drunk sailors, please..

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